Classic Kitchen with Traditional Look & Feel

Classic Kitchen with Traditional Look & Feel

Designer Victor Sun’s 1920s home in Long Beach, CA was in need of a top-down renovation. But what happens when a professional interior designer who specializes in kitchen cabinetry decides to tackle his own space? In the words of Sun himself, “It’s really, really hard. You quickly realize that when you know all the options, making choices for yourself becomes challenging.”

With thousands of design decisions to make, and nearly unlimited customization from Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry, Sun set out to design and build an updated version of what his kitchen would have been in its glory days. Inset white cabinets were a popular trend in the 1920s, as were soapstone countertops and marble, polished nickel and white subway tile finishes. By combining these elements with updated usability and features from Wood-Mode, Sun was able to bring back a traditional look and feel to the kitchen while complementing the rest of the renovated home. No detail was left unexplored, down to regionally sourced Red Oak hardwood floors that extend from the kitchen throughout the rest of his new abode.

As this is a designer’s kitchen, you can bet that there are a few unique features not found in the average home. One of the most apparent is that all of the kitchen appliances, mostly Thermador, are completely flush with the cabinetry. This concept started with the oven, and thanks to the customizability of Wood-Mode cabinetry, was extended throughout the space. In addition, regional Red Oak hardwood flooring was sourced and brought in to match the original flooring in the house. This design feature spreads beyond the kitchen throughout the rest of the home, unifying the spaces and adding warmth and character.

Dealer: KE Design Studios

Designer: Victor Sun

Project Location: Long Beach, CA