Wood-Mode Makes Drawer Customization Easier with New Configurator Tool

Wood-Mode Makes Drawer Customization Easier with New Configurator Tool

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fineline Calculator Provides Unparalleled Flexibility for Designers and Homeowners

Kitchen cabinet drawers are traditionally built to accommodate pre-fabricated inserts of varying sizes. Although these products can be trimmed to fit, they typically don’t provide enough customization for luxury cabinetry designers who work in sizing down to the fractional inch. In response, product developers at Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry have flipped this equation. Designers and homeowners can now work together to design the right size drawer based on individual needs, using an exclusive Fineline Cutlery Calculator to provide all possible storage and organization combinations.

Customization Without the Upcharge
The Fineline Cutlery Calculator assists Wood-Mode dealers in sizing Fineline inserts for custom width cabinets, drawers (Legrabox or wood dovetailed) as well as inserts in drawers with fixed drawer partitions portioning the interior into several openings. The calculator also supplies users with the correct size cutlery insert to order and price and will indicate how many accessory slots will be available in the insert.

“This new digital tool allows designers to easily create custom Fineline pieces for custom size drawer and cabinets,” said Marianne White, director of dealer development at Wood-Mode. “It also provides the designer the ability to customize large drawers with multiple storage features.”

The process from start to finish is quick and easy, with four major steps:
1. Select design group and drawer type
2. Specify cabinet depth
3. Select wood species
4. Enter dimensions

“Once you enter the information, the calculator automatically identifies the Fineline insert size and number of usable accessory compartments,” said White. “This allows the homeowner and designer to play with layouts, selecting the best fit for their needs. Since there is no additional cost to have the overall cabinet or drawer customized to fit their particular storage needs, it’s a win-win.”

Design-Conscious Storage
Available in Birch, White Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany, the cutlery organization and matching accessories are design to match the finish of the drawer box or exterior.
Options include:
• Knife Holder
• Roll Holder
• 6-Hole Container Holder
• Movable Partitions
• Flexible Storage
A set of six matching storage containers are also available in stainless steel or glass (see below). The stainless steel containers can be capped off with lids for dispensing spices.

About Wood-Mode, Inc.
Wood-Mode, Inc., founded in 1942, is the nation’s largest manufacturer of custom cabinetry for kitchens, baths and other rooms throughout the home. The company is proud to note that its 75 years in business have all been family owned and operated and is a complete Made in America operation. Its products are marketed through a network of over 600 independent dealers located throughout the United States and Canada.